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Serving clients in Anne Arundel and surrounding counties with criminal defense and family law matters.

Representing Annapolis And Beyond For Over 15 Years 

For more than 15 years, attorney Kathleen Kirchner has been helping individuals in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County find solutions to a wide range of legal matters.

Defending clients against serious felonies to advocating for children in family law custody disputes, she is no rookie to the courtroom and has the top-notch negotiation skills you need on your side to protect your interests.

“I am here to provide sound legal advice based on your goals – not mine.”

– Kathleen Kirchner

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Criminal Defense Practice

Family Law Matters

Do you need a post-decree modification after a Maryland divorce?

There are two ways that couples end up with enforceable support and custody orders at the end of a divorce. Some couples file uncontested divorces because they either have a marital agreement clarifying their obligations to one another or they negotiated with one...

Do you know the penalties for DUI in Maryland?

Plenty of people go out for the night not thinking about the risk of driving while intoxicated. Unfortunately, even with the best intentions, some people do get pulled over for driving dangerously or recklessly. They may be charged with DUI and arrested. If this...

Mediation can help to protect children in divorce

When you and your spouse decide it's time to move ahead with a divorce, it's not always easy to know how to protect your children from the emotional trauma of the family splitting up. Most of us know families that have gotten divorced. Some of us have even experienced...

In divorce, what happens to assets, debts amassed while married?

The division of property and debt accumulated during the marriage is among the top areas that require scrutiny in divorce proceedings. Who gets to keep what property? And who will be stuck with certain debts? The rule to remember and understand is that any asset or...

Unintentional probation violations

Probation represents another chance at freedom, but with numerous strings attached. One slip-up and that freedom could disappear. For those on probation, the importance of abiding by specific conditions – many of which are court-ordered – cannot be stressed enough....

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