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Serious Felony Defense Attorney in Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Those charged with felonies in Maryland face the most severe criminal penalties the state hands down. This can mean extended sentences, devastating fines, and a criminal record that can follow you for a long time. No matter how severe the charges are, you do not have to tackle the criminal justice system alone.

An Attorney with Insight Into the Felony Process

Attorney Kathleen M. Kirchner has more than 17 years of experience practicing criminal law. As a former prosecutor for Anne Arundel County, attorney Kirchner uses her knowledge of prosecutor tactics to build a defense for her clients today.

In her work, she has defended clients facing charges for: 

  • murder

  • possession cds

  • possession with intent to distribute cds

  • kingpin/large amount of cds possession

  • possession of firearm

  • prohibited possessor of a firearm

  • rape

  • major property crimes 

  • assault first degree

  • assault 2nd degree

  • fraud

  • robbery

  • theft

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The Importance of Tailored Defense Strategies

Keep in mind that simply being charged with a serious crime does not mean you are guilty of that crime. Anyone accused of a crime has the presumption of innocence, and it is the prosecution’s job to overcome that. A skilled defense attorney can take steps to:

  • review all evidence

  • file motions to suppress evidence

  • dispute evidence

  • provide alternative theories of a crime

  • question every part of the case against you

Attorney Kirchner has the skill and reputation to advocate for you and build a thorough and intelligent defense to protect your rights.

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