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Unforeseen Consequences of A DUI

Kathleen M. Kirchner April 25, 2023

Maryland, like many states, have passed strict penalties for those convicted of DUI. In Maryland, first time offenders can face a steep fines, jail time, loss of a license among others. Many drivers may be aware of this is all or part. But many drivers may not be cognizant of the indirect consequences that stem from a DUI conviction.

A DUI conviction often comes back to haunt. Here are 4 inconspicuous ways:

1. Hike in Insurance Premiums

Under Maryland law, auto insurers are not required to insurer a driver with a DUI conviction.

But many still will – with a steep premium. According to Money Geek, an online source that provides information regarding personal finance, the average driver in Maryland will pay 51 percent higher auto insurance premium after a DUI.

2. Loss of Employment Opportunities

Many employers today conduct criminal background checks on potential applicants. Although it depends on the particular position and job, an employer who finds a DUI conviction on an applicant’s criminal background wont’ even give that applicant an interview let alone a job. This is completely legal and happens every day.

3. Loss of Rental Housing

Like employers, landlords often conduct background checks on potential tenants. Although each landlord is different, some may refuse to rent to those with a DUI on their criminal record, especially if there are extenuating circumstances tied to the conviction.

4. Loss of College Scholarships

For students attending college or a university on a scholarship, there are often many contingencies attached in order to keep that scholarship. Every educational institution will differ on what they deem inappropriate behavior. Some may rescind way that scholarship if a student is convicted of a DUI or other crime associated with drunk driving.

Options for Those Arrested for DUI

Get a lawyer. Roadside testes, breath test are often inaccurate and conducted unlawfully. Your DUI could get dismissed. But without a lawyer you are left pleading guilty and facing serious consequences for years to come.