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Defense For Probation Violations In Maryland

For those on probation, the freedoms they possess are treasured and essential when considering alternatives. However, the probation system still holds them accountable to an officer of the court. That accountability can sometimes lead to major legal problems over what many would consider minor actions.

With over 15 years of experience as a defense attorney, attorney Kathleen Kirchner is here to help. She knows the law and the system and can offer the advocacy individuals in Anne Arundel and surrounding counties need when a suspected violation occurs.

It Is Extremely Easy To Violate Probation

Those on probation have obligations. You must live and abide by a set of conditions that you can very easily violate even without knowing. Among the most common probation violations are:

  • Missed meetings with probation officers
  • Leaving the state
  • Moving to a new address
  • Not paying court-order restitution
  • Violating any order

However, a violation of probation can happen extremely innocently. And sometimes, it just isn’t fair.

If you cannot pay court-ordered payments, you’ve violated probation. You have violated probation if you cannot get to an appointment because of traffic. Ideally, your probation officer would account for things out of your control, but that is not always the case.

How To Fight A Probation Violation

Even while you are on probation, you have rights under the law.

Kathleen Kirchner served as an assistant state’s attorney for Anne Arundel County prior to defending clients at Kathleen M. Kirchner, Esq.. She can use her understanding of the system to build a defensive strategy that advocates for your freedoms.

Free Consultations

Facing a probation violation is stressful and scary, but you do not have to do it alone. Schedule a free consultation about your probation violation today. Call 410-970-0304 or send an email using this contact form.

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